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Smog Check & Emissions

Smog Test

At Precision Motors, we understand that you have many choices for your smog test, and we want you to know that we are here to serve you! Emission laws are different in all states, and California has very explicit rules for your vehicle emission testing. Generally, a smog inspection is required whenever a vehicle is brought into the state, and then once every two years thereafter. This continues for as long as the vehicle is registered in California.

You might be surprised to know that many hybrids MUST have emission testing! We know not only what vehicles require testing; we also know which tests are required based upon the type and model of vehicle you own.

The California Emissions Test consists of three parts – Emissions inspection (for vehicles older than 2000 model year); a visual inspection, and a functional inspection. The emissions inspection requires your vehicle to be burning fuel efficiently to pass. Keeping your car well-tuned can help you pass this test

The visual inspection requires our technician to locate and verify the working order of all emission components. This also includes looking for any worn or disconnected hoses or electrical connections, as well.

The functional test requires a “hands-on” approach by our technician, who will verify engine timing and check the condition of various sensors. This also includes any sign of “engine light” issues, which may prevent a vehicle from passing the final test.

So, whether you’re doing your biannual, bringing an out-of-state car into California, or maybe your vehicle is a “gross polluter”...we have the knowledge and experience to help guide you to your Chula Vista smog test solution.

Call us at (619) 425-2886 for an appointment to have your car, truck or SUV inspected properly. Once completed, we’ll even do the paperwork!

Smog Check: $30.60

For 2000 vehicles and new models only.